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One of the big things in a manufacturing process is being able to make sure things are running. If it’s not running, it’s not manufacturing. You need to make sure that equipment is running, but that it’s also producing the highest quality you can. Second, the equipment is running, but it’s also calibrated correctly. If it’s not, it’s going produce poor product. The third thing is not only that it’s running, and not only in a high-quality fashion, but it’s also running in the most efficient way possible. It means that the resources needed to run that piece of equipment produce the highest results.

How techboltz can help

techboltz provides an Enterprise Asset Management software to do just that — to make sure those assets are running in the most efficient way they can. To make sure the people and the materials that need to be in place to make that happen, are working in concert with each other, to make sure the assets are working the way they’re supposed to. And ultimately, when the asset reaches a point where it needs to be retired or replaced, then you have a system in place to be able to make that capital planning decision and replace those assets.

Bottom Line

Improve return on capital assets by integrating physical and financial aspects and supporting deep collaboration between project lifecycle and service lifecycle operations.

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